How to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally, Even if You've Worn Glasses for Years

A Simple Step-by-Step Blueprint to Regain Clarity by "Letting Go" of Visual Strain

If you would like clear, normal eyesight without glasses... without contacts... and without drugs or surgery, then the next few minutes will show you how. 

You and I both know glasses suck. Contacts aren’t much better either.

If you have ever felt helpless against “bad genes” or the inevitable consequences of aging and poor eyesight. You're not alone, and... It’s not your fault.

Tobacco Smoke, Raw Milk, and Margarine. Who's Right?

We are led to believe there is nothing you can do to take self-care and self-responsibility for your eyesight.

At one point in time we were led to believe tobacco smoke was good for you.

Raw milk... bad.

Margarine... good.

Collective wisdom, whether medical or not, is not always on point. 

We used to think there was nothing we could do to improve heart health… except drugs and surgery. We were victims of “bad genes” and being dealt a bad genetic hand.

Regardless of genetic makeup, we know there is plenty we can do to improve our health. We can improve our heart health with basic lifestyle choices and make a significant impact. We can improve our respiratory health, skin health, liver functions, mental faculties, immune system...

...we can take self-care and self-responsibility to improve the health and functioning of everything but our eyes?

For some reason, mainstream medical science, and alternative health modalities, have neglected to empower us to take self-care for our eyesight.

The Step-by-Step Blueprint for Improving Your Eyesight Naturally is a 4 step system bringing ease, relaxation, and self-empowerment back to your eyesight.

It is rooted in the time-tested wisdom of the respected and proven Bates Method.

The sound principles of the Bates Method were formed 100 years ago, and is the basis of most, if not all, of the vision improvement modalities floating around out there today. 

“The Bates Method is a 100-year-old approach that has helped tens of thousands of people recover their vision naturally -- including me!” - Dr. Mercola (Author of three New York Times Bestseller's and educator from The World's #1 Natural Health Website)

The Step-by-Step Blueprint uses the foundation of the Bates Method. It also incorporates up-to-date neuroscience habit forming practices to give you simple activities you can easily fit into your life… even if you live a busy one… to help reduce the strain and tension at the root of poor eyesight.  

Read Newspaper, Inbox, or Billboard... with Clarity and Ease

Imagine what it would be like to read the newspaper without discomfort. Does anyone still read the newspaper?

Ok, imagine what it would be like to read your inbox from your phone without discomfort.

Or shooting a confident glance into the distance... and seeing the world with perfect clarity. A feeling of a “smile behind the eyes” that sees just as clear up close as it does far away. Imagine visual ease and mobility as you to paint vivid colors on the canvas of your visual world.

When you let go of effort and strain in your mind and eyes, you will notice the world regaining clarity…

And others will notice too.

Friends and family remark about a “sparkle in your eye.” They see you as having more "pep in your step." More at ease. Alive and vibrant. All because you have learned to let go of excess tension and strain. It's like finally releasing a clinched fist you've been holding on to for... years.

Don't Worry, You'll Get Used To It... When It Comes To Glasses,
I Don't Want To Get Used To It

When I was 11 years old, I failed my first eye test. That’s what it felt like - a failure.

I thought I had weak eyes. Bad eyes. I felt like I let everyone down. The doctor, my mom, myself. Immediately I wished there was another way. When I put on my first pair of glasses, my world literally changed. My worldview was altered.

Yeah, things were clearer - kind of.

The world looked weird. It was hard to navigate at first. My head and eyes hurt.

Everyone said, “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.”

Well, I did get used to it. We do get used to it. We get so used to the discomfort, strain, and effort that we fail to notice it anymore.

I wished there was another way. This was before the age of the internet. Before the information age complete with search engines eager to answer any question 24 hours a day. I couldn’t just google How to improve eyesight without glasses.

However, the desire stuck with me for years. My negative self-talk about my “bad eyes” and thinking I was weak, or somehow less than, fueled an intense desire to strengthen my eyes. Well, the world seems to have a way of showing up when you hold a desire long enough... when you want it bad enough.

A rich tradition of natural vision improvement started showing up in my life in rather synchronistic ways. Much to my surprise, I found out my eyes weren’t weak. I wasn’t fundamentally flawed or less than. My poor eyesight wasn’t created by bad genes or weakness.

I discovered they were strained. Tense. I was trying too hard. Trying too hard at something that is meant to be easy and effortless.

The Step-by-Step Blueprint For Improving Eyesight Naturally

Improving my eyesight has been a profound experience for me, to put it lightly.

Sometimes, when life gives such wondrous gifts, you know they need to be shared.

The Step-by-Step Blueprint for Improving Eyesight Naturally 

  • Gain the confidence and know how to take self-care and self-responsibility for your eyesight - you’ll know what to do and what not to do to bring relaxation to your strained visual system.
  • Establish New Visual Habits - You’ll be shocked at the sense of ease and clarity when you develop proper vision habits. You can literally practice All Day Long.
  • Be supported every step of the way - You are not alone. Although natural vision is easy, and relaxation is easy, and new visual habits can be practiced anywhere, anytime… old habits die hard. I have spent plenty of time frustrated on this vision improvement journey. It’s helpful to have the support of someone who has been there. Even better to be part of a supportive community of people on the same path.
  • Access the guidance of our private Facebook community, Vision Improvement Coach (Vic) Virtual Campfire.
  • Over 2 1/2 hours of video and step-by-step instructions broken down into small digestible chunks... to fit into your schedule.
  • Use the Theory of Accommodation to your advantage and learn why it's not called the Law of Accommodation.
  • Learn the misunderstood and misapplied secrets of the hundred year old Bates Method that forms the basis of most, if not all, vision improvement techniques floating around out there today.
  • Fit vision improvement routines into your life... even if you're busy... by discovering  50 minutes of available time you probably forgot about.
  • Make your new visual habits stick by applying the piggyback technique of habit formation.
  • Discover how the formula sensory input + mind focus = perception fuels your vision improvement... or learning any new skill.
  • How to practice vision improvement while you brush your teeth. In fact, learn what you can do All Day Long, during almost any activity, to improve your eyesight.
  • Why vision improvement is not about "eye exercises."
  • Beat the dreaded "unblinking stare" with The Butterfly Blink Technique.
  • Why holding your breath, or chronic shallow breathing, ruins eyesight and how to breathe normal and fully for better vision.
  • Harness your imagination and memory to improve your eyesight. And then, as your eyesight improves... watch how it improves both your memory and imagination.
  • Embrace our innate human fondness for stories to keep your eyes young and twinkling.
  • Take back self-care and self-responsibility for your eyesight. 

Why You Should Not Join The Step-By-Step Blueprint for Improving Eyesight Naturally

Before you join the Step-by-Step Blueprint and get started on your Vision Improvement Journey, you have to know a few things.

This program is Not for everyone.

Vision Improvement is for everyone... anyone with eyes. Outside of physical damage, birth defects, and serious medical conditions, everyone can benefit from the routines and practices of natural vision improvement.

However, The Step-by-Step Blueprint is not for everyone.

For starters - I am not a doctor. If you need or want medical advice... it's not here. I don't treat, diagnose, or prescribe anything... ever.

I'm not a doctor. I'm just a guy that has improved his own eyesight and is dedicated to helping others do the same. Think of this program as an education that empowers you to make changes in your visual health - for yourself.

Second, it's not fancy on the other side of the PayPal button.

There is no elaborate production with expensive graphics and sophisticated software. It's just me and my computer, and our supportive community, making simple videos that help you learn how to improve eyesight.

Third, I cannot guarantee your eyesight will improve - at all. That would be silly and presumptuous of me.

I can make sure you understand the concepts and theories. I can make sure you know what to do. I can even help keep you motivated and inspired. I believe in this system. I have experienced its effectiveness for myself... and in others. However, success is ultimately up to you.

People who join The Step-by-Step Blueprint for Improving Eyesight Naturally understand that I am not the agent of change for their eyesight. They are. As it should be. They know what it means to take self-responsibility.

Ok, enough from me. If you are ready to start your vision improvement journey, you can sign up with the button below for access.


Jason Stuck

Certified Natural Vision Coach

p.sDo you want to improve your eyesight… naturally? Do you have  blurred vision and tired eyes? Are you dependent on lenses that seem to get stronger and stronger every year? Do you worry about deteriorating eyesight? Join The Step-by-Step Blueprint for Improving Eyesight Naturally today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it really work? 

Yes. It really works.

I would suggest the Step-by-Step Blueprint for Improving Eyesight Naturally to my own grandmother... provided she did not fall into the Who Should Not Join category.

How long does it take?

The course itself contains over 2 1/2 hours of material. It's broken down into small, bite-sized sections. It will require a little attention, thought, and implementation on your part. Results happen anywhere from immediately to taking several months. Seriously. Everyone responds differently. Some are able to immediately gain perfect relaxation, others take time, persistence, and creativity - hence the benefit of having a coach/guide.

And, how long to take what, exactly? To regain perfect eyesight? To improve eyesight? Better today than it was yesterday? Obviously, it depends on how one measures success. Make no mistake, I ultimately want you to have "normal" eyesight. Sometimes normal happens all at once, like going from 0-60. Sometimes eyesight improves slowly over time. It really depends how well you are able to secure relaxation and form new visual habits.

Can I continue to wear lenses while I do the program and still improve eyesight?

Best results happen when you can take off your glasses, and leave them off. That is not always a practical thing. The Step-by-Step program covers how to handle that situation.

What do doctors and medical professionals think? Are they generally supportive?

No. In my experience, they usually think it's bogus. I've been told by many optometrists over the years to not waste my time. However, some of the most outspoken proponents of the Bates Method and natural vision improvement are medically trained doctors who have had success themselves. 

Are there any dangerous side effects?

No. If you follow the instructions, it is completely safe.

Is the Bates Method really proven? If so, why doesn't everyone do it?

The best proof is your own experience. The mainstream medical community and the optometry industry are not usually behind helping people not need their glasses. Dr. Bates published extensively in medical journals during his time, and gives many examples of success stories in his Better Eyesight Magazine. However, during the 50's and 60's, teachers of his method were accused of practicing medicine without a license and the method was almost lost. My reminder that I am not a doctor and do not give medical advice.

What if it doesn't work for me?

If you aren't getting the results your were hoping for, I will do my best to help you individually in the private Facebook Community, or via email support. You can ask any specific questions you have, and ask for any guidance you need.

Join The Step-by-Step Blueprint For Improving Eyesight Naturally Today and Get Started On A Clearer World