The Reclaiming Natural Vision Series

Moving Past The Roadblocks That Keep You Stuck in Poor Vision

Welcome to the Reclaiming Natural Vision series.

If you’re interested in improving your natural eyesight, then the Reclaiming Natural Vision (RNV) Series will help you orient to the process.

It’s easy to get bogged down in information and lose clarity about what to do and where to start when it comes to improving your eyesight naturally.


RNV will help you cut through the clutter of competing and conflicting information on how to get started. It's like a simplified roadmap to help you navigate the process of eyesight improvement so you know what to expect.

For example, what does it look like to improve your eyesight naturally?

What does it feel like?

What do you need to do in any given day or week to see better and better and achieve your vision improvement goals?

Look up and away. Breathe. Blink. Then come back!

RNV breaks down the steps to take, and the insights you need to build all-important routines.

Routines to:

  • Relax your vision
  • Cultivate proper vision habits
  • And understand the process so you can confidently move forward

Here’s what it looks like…


Ok. Let me explain this image here. And don’t tease me too much about the artistic looks, or lack thereof. (I have another drawing for you down below - the balled up fist - that feels more like my natural style.)

But it helps me to think in pictures and have a visual representation of where we’re at and where we’re going.

This picture shows moving away from dependency on glasses, strained vision, and blurry eyesight…

To embracing a new world of natural vision.

A place where you integrate vision improvement into your life. And embody relaxed natural eyesight.

Sounds good, right?

To go from strained, blurry vision through glasses, to integrating a relaxed natural vision lifestyle?

It’s a visual reality where you see and feel the joy and ease of relaxed clear eyesight.

If you’re open to natural methods of empowering your mind and body… If you resonate with taking self-care for the well-being of your natural vision…

Then the Reclaiming Natural Vision Series was created for you.

And if you want to improve your eyesight naturally, and reduce your dependency on glasses... Then this series will help you get there.

It is possible to re-learn and re-discover how to see the world with relaxed natural clarity again.

But, there are roadblocks that hold people up along the way. There are patterns that show up time and again for people who don’t make it. For people who don’t make it from a strained world of blur and glasses to the joy and ease of relaxed natural vision.

From Strain and Blur to Relaxed Natural Eyesight

It’s frustrating when you’re not sure what to do. Or when you don’t know how to do something properly to improve your eyesight.

Lack of clarity on what the process looks like, what’s expected of you, and what it’s supposed to feel like…

All can lead to a start/stop momentum, inconsistency, and not knowing if you’re seeing improvement or not.

And if you ‘try’ vision improvement, but feel like you ‘failed’… Feel bad about yourself and your eyesight… And think you’re not making progress, then it’s easy to fall right back into glasses.

Then you’re back into the old world of tension, eye strain, and ultimately, chronic blurry vision.

You and your vision stay stuck in tension like a balled up fist…

fist drawing

Trapped in the vicious cycle of strained eyesight and needing stronger lenses every year.

The Roadblocks Standing in the Way of Reclaiming Natural Vision

And what holds people up? What are the roadblocks and common hangups for people who ‘fail’ to improve their eyesight?

First, they try too hard to see.

It’s also part of the reason for poor eyesight in the first place, which we’ll cover in depth later.

What’s worse, the strain of trying too hard to see gets carried over into the attempts to improve eyesight.

But natural eyesight is easy and effortless.

Those last two points are an important piece of the vision improvement puzzle. It bears repeating…

What holds people up from seeing clearly with natural vision and improving eyesight?

They try too hard to see.

Only relaxed eyes (and minds) see with clarity. Any strain, effort, or forcing eyesight to improve, only defeats itself.

We put way too much work into something that only works when it’s effortless.

To get back to clarity and see improvement in your vision, relax your eyesight. Be open, relaxed, and receptive to allow vision to come to you.

And how do you do that? How do you allow vision to come to you?

Visual Relaxation - Not Eye Exercises

You do that only by visual relaxation.

Which brings us to the next roadblock… Thinking and behaving as if you need eye exercises to improve your vision.

The vision improvement process is not about doing eye exercises to whip lazy eyes into shape. Your eyes aren’t weak, they’re strained. You don’t need to force anything with effort and will power to make them strong again.

Instead, they need to remember how to relax and how to look with ease.

People ‘fail’ with vision improvement when they ‘fail’ to relax their visual system.

Cultivating visual relaxation (which includes both your eyes and your mind) is the cornerstone of reclaiming natural vision.

Down the path of the Reclaiming Natural Vision series you will find the Core Relaxation Routines. And they’re designed with one thing in mind…

To bring relaxation to your strained vision - and cultivate the feeling of visual ease and relaxation.

Good Vision Habits All Day Long

Next, it's important to know that relaxing your strained vision with the Relaxation Routines is want you want...

But it does little good to relax your vision with the routines if you continue to strain them the rest of the day.

“One can practice properly for ten minutes and be comfortable. That does not mean that all the rest of the day one can strain and tear one’s eyes all to pieces without paying the penalty for breaking the law. If you are under treatment for imperfect sight be sure to keep in mind all day long from the time you awake up in the morning until you go to bed at night the feeling of comfort, of rest, of relaxation, incessantly. It is a great deal better to do that than to feel under a strain and be uncomfortable all day long.” Dr. William H. Bates

It does little good to take time out of your day to relax your vision if you ’strain to see’ and wear full strength glasses the rest of the day.

And that’s why the next two roadblocks are…

  • Failing to adopt relaxed vision habits all day long 
  • And spending too much time in glasses - especially full-strength prescription lenses

The Trouble with Glasses

Glasses don’t help restore your natural vision.

They only make things worse over time. They keep you trapped in the vicious cycle of needing stronger lenses year after year.

And… you’re here to improve your natural vision.

To reclaim your natural vision you need to spend time without glasses.

glasses in case

And when you do need to use lenses, use reduced prescriptions when you can. That gives your vision the room to improve and a chance to move in the positive direction of improvement.

So the Reclaiming Natural Vision series is like a map that leads you from where you are now…

You want to improve your eyesight. You’re interested and curious about natural vision improvement. But still dependent on lenses, and caught in visual strain and blur…

And leads you past the common roadblocks of…

  • Trying too hard to see
  • Trying so hard to improve that it defeats itself by creating more strain
  • Thinking and acting like you need eye exercises
  • Failing to cultivate visual relaxation
  • Failing to adopt relaxed vision habits all day long

… and orients you to what the process looks and feels like so you know what to do and what to expect.

It is my hope that the RNV series sets you up for success with a solid foundation and a clear path forward. All so you can go from glasses, blur, and strain…

To engaged in the natural vision improvement process and embody relaxed natural vision.

When you adopt seeing with ease again by cultivating good Vision Habits… Feel  relaxation from the Relaxation Routines… And let vision come to you… you’ll experience the joy and ease of natural eyesight.

You’ll be well on your way to reclaiming your natural vision.

And you’ll be seeing the way Nature intended.

So, to recap and make sure it’s clear what this series is and who it’s for…

The Reclaiming Natural Vision series is for people who…

  • Believe that natural vision is better than seeing the world through glasses
  • Believe in self-care for their eyesight and want to improve it
  • Want to let go of their dependency on lenses
  • Want to release the strain in their eyes
  • Want to enjoy seeing the world with natural eyesight

RNV orients you so you can move forward to empower and improve your natural vision.

The Reclaiming Natural Vision series gives you guidance, insights, and activities to improve your eyesight.

If you choose to join me on this adventure…

And follow along with the activities and suggestions with a sense of ‘try easy,’ play, and experimentation…

You’ll feel relaxation in your mind and eyes, and see your eyesight shift towards clearer and clearer vision.

An Invitation to Reclaim Your Natural Vision

If you're still here, and this is idea is resonating with you, then I invite you to join RNV Series and give it an easy and honest try for yourself.

To join the Reclaiming Natural Vision Series, fill out the form below.

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