Vision Improvement: The Journey Begins

You can improve your vision and regain clarity of the world again.  Vision Improvement is possible. Your eyes want to see.  Natural vision is as easy and effortless as smelling a rose or listening to your favorite song.

Vision improvement is a journey of remembering and relearning our ability to sense the world clearly and effortlessly.  It is a process of allowing perfect vision to return to us once again.  

We provide you with the needed resources to help you on your journey to better vision.  Not only will you learn the essential techniques and routines for improving eyesight, you will also find the guidance and coaching that is going to propel your learning journey and help you reach your vision improvement goals.

"The act of seeing is passive.  Things are seen, just as they are felt or heard or tasted, without effort or volition on the part of the subject." Dr. Bates

Look up and away. Breathe. Blink. Then come back!

The Power of Coaching

On the road to perfect vision, you will learn, or re-learn, the visual skills that will allow you to see clearly. 

Here you will find the opportunity to receive professional and compassionate guidance from a certified Natural Vision Improvement Teacher.  I have seen with my own eyes that vision can improve.  And sometimes it is helpful to have support from someone who has been there. 

Yes, I have had profound success with vision improvement and the Bates Method.  However, I also had years of frustrations as I did all the wrong things and not enough of the right things.  

Ever since my first pair of glasses, when I was eleven years old, I desperately wished there was another way.  I did not want to wear glasses for the rest of my life and I would have given anything to have someone teach me how to improve my eyesight naturally.

Then, in my early 20's, I finally found my way to vision improvement and the Bate's Method.  I was ecstatic.  It was a lifelong dream finally coming true.  I was going to get out of my glasses.  Boy was I wrong.  I just didn't get it.  I understood most of the concepts and even practiced the suggested activities. approach was all wrong.  I didn't understand the finer points that make or break you.  I made all the mistakes that people make when they say, "Yeah, I tried the Bates Method.  It didn't work for me."

I was discouraged and down on myself, but I didn't give up.  After years of researching all the available material I could find on the Bates Method and vision improvement, I finally got it.  Not just intellectually, but in my body.  In my eyes and in my mind, I got it.

Vision improvement has deeply affected all aspects of my life for the better.  It is too good not to share.  I want to help others reclaim their natural vision.  After years of desperate wishing, followed by years of failed attempts and extensive research, I know that I am in a position to be in service to others.

You don't have to make all the mistakes I made.  With the proper guidance you can stay focused on your path to clarity!  

Getting Started: A Clear Path Forward

So where do you start?

How do you begin this journey of reconnecting to natural eyesight that beams with vital energy?  

First, take a deep breath, relax, and thank your eyes for all of the hard work they have been doing for you.

Next, get oriented to the essential elements of this approach by reading the section on the Bates Method.

Also, make sure to absorb the advice in the Eye Exercises section.  This will clue you in to some of the subtle points of the Bates Method that can often get overlooked.  There is a certain quality, or way to behold, all of the exercises and activities that really can make all of the difference.

Furthermore, look into the coaching options that exist.  When we have such engrained habits of strain it is all too easy to replace one effort for another.  Coaching can help you relearn essential visual habits in an effective manner that allows vision to happen rather than trying to force your eyesight to improve.

Finally, our visual experience has a lot to do with our relationship to the world and ourselves.  Since you are going to be cultivating healthy meaningful relationships, don't forget to eat well, get good sleep, and take good care of yourself.  Surround yourself with supportive friends and family and live a healthy, happy life!