3 Simple Experiments to Prove
Better Eyesight is Possible Without Glasses and Radically Change the Way You See the World

If you want to see your eyesight improve without glasses, then these 3 simple experiments will give you a glimpse of what is possible.

We all know glasses suck. Contacts aren’t much better. Surgery wears off, and none of these come close to tackling the root cause of poor eyesight. What’s worse, they’re not even band-aids covering symptoms. They contribute to deteriorating eyesight.

Look up and away. Breathe. Blink. Then come back!

First off, I’m not a doctor. I don’t treat, prescribe, or diagnose anything… ever.

I teach, practice, and coach a method of visual re-education dating back to the early 1900’s. It’s a rich tradition steeped in research science and pioneered by ophthalmologist Dr. William H. Bates.

The medical establishment at the time hated him, despite his numerous medical achievements in ophthalmology and related fields.

He was a professor at New York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital until he started teaching his controversial methods to his students. When their eyesight improved, his superiors kicked him off the faculty.

Thousands of People Helped to Better Eyesight Without Glasses

Dr. Bates continued his research, opened a private clinic in New York City, and helped thousands of people to better eyesight without glasses.  He recorded it all. For 11 years he published a monthly magazine teaching his system and sharing stories from his clinic.

Students and teachers of his method carried on his legacy after his death in 1923. In fact, Dr. Bates discovered teachers were most adept at helping others with his methods, more so than doctors who were entrenched in their bias from traditional western medicine. 

Several generations of teachers followed until they shut down in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Margaret Corbett was the leading Bates Method teacher at the time. She is the Bates teacher who helped the famed author Aldous Huxley back to sight. She trained several teachers under her and ran multiple schools throughout the country.

The mainstream medical community hounded her with lawsuit after lawsuit, claiming she was practicing medicine without a license.

Did I Mention I'm Not a Doctor?

To be well-repeated, I'm not a doctor. I do not treat, diagnose, or prescribe anything... ever. Now, back to the story.

Well, Margaret was found innocent in a court of law. 

However, she still folded up shop. Her pocketbook was not as deep as those who wanted her, and the Bates Method, to go away.

The method went underground with a handful of teachers. They had their own little secret society. You had to show up at the ever changing “meeting house” on the approved night, use the special door knocking combination, and say the secret password, all to be taken to the basement to have a lesson in vision improvement.

They were paranoid… and rightfully so.

Everything Alternative Takes Root

Eventually, things loosened up. By the 1970’s and 80’s, alternative everything was on the rise. Meditation and Yoga were becoming household names, holistic was spelled with a “w”, and wholisitc alternatives took root in the culture.

Thankfully, the method was retrieved from the last remaining Bates Teachers of the Corbett era, keeping the Bates Method alive. Today, it still exists on the fringes of alternative health modalities. 

Most doctors still hate it. However, the one’s who have used it successfully are in the ranks of its most outspoken proponents. Most people are too skeptical, or lazy to even try it. They write if off as phony, or give it a half-hearted attempt and claim it doesn’t work. I don’t care. I’ve seen the difference for myself.

In a moment, you will too.

But First... Dangers, Enemies, and a Slight Warning

Before your first experiment, a bit of a warning. There are still dangers and enemies lurking in the shadows of natural vision improvement. For example, Dr. Bates was fond of smashing people’s glasses. It was a sort of litmus test for him. If he told a new patient to smash their glasses, and they did it, he knew they would succeed in restoring clear eyesight. He knew they were dedicated. If they refused and rattled off excuses instead, he knew they would never follow through to success.

To Be Clear: I am not a doctor, you are not my patient. I am not telling you to smash your glasses.

But I will tell you... this system only works when you take off your glasses. They keep your eyesight poor. And they make it worse over time. To get out of glasses, you have to take off your glasses.

How do you safely navigate your world without the crutches of eyeglasses? Therein lies the danger. For some, it takes a little creativity and dedication. It’s a puzzle I can help you with that at another time, but let’s get back to those other shadow lurkers?

Who is the enemy I alluded to?

When people learn their glasses only make things worse… and optometry is a billion dollar a year industry… and the medical and legal establishment tried to snuff out the Bates Method years ago… people want to turn their eye doctor into the Big Bad Wolf. 


You can use your eye doctor to help you regain natural eyesight.

Don’t turn them into the enemy. They are doing what they have been trained to do.

They are doing what they believe is right. They aren’t any more greedy or evil than a gas station clerk or a hospice caregiver. Let it go. Yes, it sucks. They are part of the system that handed you blurry vision… but blaming them does nothing for regaining your eyesight.

This process is about Self Responsibility and Self Empowerment.

It’s about your personal authority for your health and well being. It’s not about handing it over to doctors by blindly following their lead... or by blaming them. It’s not about them, it’s about you.

The doctors are not the one’s hiding and lying in wait. They’re not the communist under your bed… as Dylan would say.

I’ll whisper the enemy's name soon enough. But first, how about experiencing clear-er eyesight for yourself?

Find a Safe Place to Be Without Lenses

All of these experiments are to be done without lenses. Do what you need to prepare yourself. Make sure you are in a safe place and not operating heavy machinery while intoxicated. You get the idea, find a safe place to be without your lenses for a few minutes.

Side note: You are never safe driving without your glasses unless you have passed your driver’s license test... without glasses.

Experiment One: Circular Swing

Perfect sight is impossible without movement.

We get into trouble when we stare with effort. The circular swing brings back an awareness of movement to your visual field. When you notice the apparent movement of stationary objects, relaxation is present.

Place a finger about six inches in front of one eye and a few inches to the outer side of your face. Move your head and eyes in a circular, or elliptical orbit. Notice how your finger appears to move in the opposite direction to the movement of your head and eyes.

Make sure to breathe fully and make no attempt to see anything in particular.

Simply tune in to the apparent movement of your stationary finger. Maintain the swing, and you will notice clarity return. Keep up the experiment for at least 7 minutes.

Then, allow the swing for... the rest of your days.

Experiment Two: Pencil Shift

Get yourself a pencil, or a pen, for this experiment.

I’ll refer to a pencil, but a pen will work just the same. Hold your pencil up vertical, 12 to 14 inches away from your face. Put the eraser end toward the ceiling, and the sharpened end toward the floor.

Our eyesight is only clear in the center of sight. It is anatomically impossible to see with detail and clarity anywhere but the center of sight. To use the center of sight, I want you to point your nose at the eraser.

Then shift, and point your nose to the pointed end of the pencil.

Notice that when you point your nose to the eraser, you see the sharpened end less clear. Let that sink in. When you point your nose at the eraser, you see the sharpened end less clear.

Now, when you point your nose to the sharpened end, you see the eraser less clear.

Our eyesight is not clear and distinct in the periphery. It is clear and distinct in the center. Trouble comes when we try to see too large an area with equal clarity at once. You can only see one end of the pencil clearly at one time. Trying to see both the eraser and the sharpened end, with equal clarity, at the same time, creates a strain and leads to poor eyesight.

Bonus: you should notice the stationary pencil “swing” in an up and down motion opposite the direction of your shifting gaze.

Experiment Three: Reading with the White Glow

Reading, and interpreting the written word creates strain for most people. And interpreting black letters on a white background is how we traditionally measure eyesight.

If you want to “pass” your next eye exam, learning to read with relaxation is a must.

Instead of focusing on the words and letters themselves, spend some time in the white space. Point your nose along the margin, in between the lines.

Notice how there is more white space on the page than there is print. There is no effort required to notice white… to notice space. When you tune into the white in between the lines a wonderful “illusion” of good eyesight appears.

The white space surrounding the letter appears to glow whiter than it actually is. By contrast, the black appears blacker.

Letters become more distinct and clear when you perceive the illusion of the White Glow in between the lines and the letters. Trouble comes when we strain and try to see letters and words.

Spend some time in the white, with the White Glow, to let go and relax.

You are Not Looking for Perfect

You are not looking for perfect. I don’t expect you to have perfect eyesight yet. You’re not ready to permanently ditch your glasses because you spent 7 minutes practicing the circular swing.

But if you really gave it a go. If you followed the instructions and proceeded with an easy relaxed manner, you should have noticed a difference. Even if it was slight. Even if for only a moment… you saw clear-er.

You want to notice clear-er.

Recognize your eyesight better than it was a moment before. Even if it went back to what you call “normal blurry” immediately after, you know it is possible to see better. Getting back to consistent clarity is merely a matter of time and dedication to the rest of the method.

How long you ask? As long as it takes to outmaneuver the true enemies of natural vision.

True Enemies... Habits of Strain

True enemy? Again, It’s not doctors, lawyers, western medicine, age, or genetics. Your enemy is not yourself either.

The real enemies are Habits of Strain. Visual Habits of Strain. Habits of using your mind and eyes with Effort... Concentration... and Staring.

When you let go of visual strain, clear eyesight returns.

When you relearn proper visual habits, you can use your eyes all day long with dynamic relaxation… and see clearly… during any activity.

The Step-by-Step Blueprint For Improving Eyesight Naturally

If you saw the slightest change for the better during any of these experiments, you know natural vision improvement is possible.

Natural vision is easy and effortless. However, our habits of strain are tenacious.

How do you build new habits? How do you replace old “bad” habits for new “good” ones?

What effective plan will you follow to get there? Who do you have in your corner helping you reclaim your birthright of natural eyesight?

This is what I do for myself. This is what I teach and coach others to do.

I don’t care about toppling the optometry industry. Not yet.

I don’t care about offending the sensibilities of stubborn Western Medicine. Nor am I trying to “make a killing” and put my children through college with coaching natural vision as a business model.

But if I died tomorrow, at least I could rest knowing I helped people who wanted it.

If you want it, if you want help restoring your natural vision, then join the Step-by-Step Blueprint for Improving Eyesight Naturally today.

You will get instant access to the Core Routines of Vision Improvement, plus admission into the Vision Improvement Coach private members area.

You will be part of an interactive community of folks already on the journey of improving their eyesight. You will have guidance from me and the rest of the community. You will see their real life successes, frustrations, temporary defeats, and victories. Ultimately, you will discover the main activities you will fit into your daily life to cultivate Visual Relaxation.

Life busy? Sound difficult to “fit in” anything, especially a new routine? Then don’t do it. This is not a magic bullet. It’s not instant gratification. There is a path to be trodden. If you’re not willing to put in the time, it’s not for you. You’ll never smash your glasses, so to speak.

If you haven’t run off yet... it’s not really a path for treading. And it doesn't really take a whole lot of time, and it's definitely not hard.

It’s more like a path in the park for... strolling. After all, we are after relaxation. But you still have to go to the park. You will be required to do something to see results.

I know life is busy, and the Step-by-Step Blueprint for Improving Eyesight Naturally helps you fit vision improvement into your life in a way that works for you... and in a way that sticks.

You know it is real. You know it is possible. If you want to join me, I’ll see you on the other side. You can get in here www.VisionImprovementCoach.com/Step-by-Step Blueprint For Improving Eyesight Naturally.


Jason Stuck

Vision Improvement Coach