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Look up and away. Breathe. Blink. Then come back!

Oct 06, 2018

Feast fall onto your eyes.

There is a feast waiting for you.

A fall feast.

Clear blue skies, late afternoon breeze, the distinct smell of autumn leaves...

Even the angle of the sun through the forest, and the long shadows this time of year...

There is a fall feast waiting the arrival of your senses.

Will you attend?

There is a time of day... late afternoon... on a high pressure weather system, where time seems to have forgotten itself. It sort of hangs there in limbo, in between something.

Timelessness in nature re-balances with a sense of peace, relaxation, and wonder.

And sometimes a sense of forlorn longing, maybe even a little sadness as you let go of the pressure and over-tensing you diligently force into everyday activities and responsibilities.

Get outside.

While the sun lasts.

Let go of time, to-do-lists, and wander with a sense of wonder.

Smell the leaves, feel the breeze, and let nature take its course of cleansing your stressed out strained mind.

Dr. Bates did not want to call his method, "The Bates Method." To him, it was more accurate to simply call it "Nature's Method." Using you mind and eyes the way nature intended.

No, you don't have to be a timeless nature loving wanderer like me to improve your eyesight, but getting outside... engaging your senses... and moving your body... are what nature intended. It will help you improve your eyesight.

It does not make sense to enjoy the sensory experience of the world and at the same time place your eyes behind a refracting dirty windshield.

It doesn't make sense to "stop and smell the flowers..." and sit comfortably numb behind "machines of seeing."

Get outside.

While the sun lasts.

Smell the leaves, feel the breeze, and let nature take its course.

Feast your senses.

And feast with your natural eyesight.



Jason Stuck

Vision Improvement Coach.

Sep 30, 2018

120 Seconds to Better Eyesight...

While you are out on your daily walk getting exercise and sunshine...

You are going for daily walks, right? Getting outside, taking of your glasses, and walking in a safe place...

Well, while on your walk, try this.

It'll take 120 seconds.

If you can count to 120, and you allow for a nice loose supple neck, and you have a nose you can point... then you can succeed with this.

You'll see for yourself how shifting, moving, and centralizing (central fixation,) how those things improve your sense of clarity...

...and color perception... and depth perception... with your natural eyesight.

So, having ditched your glasses, while walking outside in a safe area (meaning you're not going to get run over by a car you didn't see, or trip over a railroad crossing at the wrong time) start counting to 120.

Now, on every count, on every new number, intentionally point your nose at a new object.

Don't worry too much about your eyes. Point your nose at a new part of your visual scenery.

On each new number, shift and point your nose at a new part on the landscape.

Keep going until you get to 120. If you maintain "the shift," by pointing your nose at something new on each count... you will notice how moving and centralizing allow things to come in clearer.

When you notice the world getting clearer, and brighter, with sharper edges... smile and acknowledge it... but keep shifting and pointing.

And of course, you don't really want to stop at 120, you want to shift and point... all day long.

But this will give you the experience of your vision loosing up, letting go, and getting clearer. By intentionally practicing for 120 seconds... you'll see what's possible.

Then, it's a matter of practicing better and better every day, until moving and centralizing become habits of clarity.

Discover more ways of bringing better vision practice into your daily life over here... Step-by-Step Blueprint for Improving Eyesight Naturally.www.visionimprovementcoach.com/videocourse.html

Peace,Jason StuckVision Improvement Coach

Sep 07, 2018

How about a stressful airport for your eyeballs?

There's nothing like airports for wrecking your eyesight.

Tomorrow I hop on a plane with my 6 year old son, River.

We fly to West Virginia, (I'm an earth lovin' Hillbilly at heart,) pick up a car, and drive back across the country to Colorado.

Father and son bonding time.

But I've noticed a pattern over the years... airports, travelling, and driving at night in strange places... all stressors to bring on the blur.

I have a full week of it ahead of me. But here's what I'm going to do.

Centralize. Move. Breathe.

I'll have my old 20/40 glasses in their case... just in case. But I doubt I'll break them out.

Because, you see... all of those things...

Poorly lit airports, missed flights, lost baggage, even those darn misspelled West Virginia highway signs... they're all just external circumstances.

It's true, they have a tendency to strain your sight, but it's really your internal reaction to them that creates the stress... and the blur.

So, move, centralize, breathe.

Regardless of the circumstances.

Peace,Jason StuckVision Improvement Coach

p.s. If all goes as planned. In the trunk of the car will be the drum kit of my youth. Back in the days of long hair, poor judgement, and loud music. When we get back to Colorado, the drums go in the garage. The sticks go in River's hands. And I start my new career as lead guitarist, manager, and back-up dancer for the Red Hot River Band.

p.s.s. No coaching sessions available this week. We'll be driving and listening to Fantastic Mr. Fox over and over again all week. But there might be some slots open for coaching when we get back. Let me know if you want to secure a spot.

Aug 29, 2018

Ready for something positive for your eyes?

A woman wrote in after a recent coaching session.

She said she was having success!

I like success.

She's going without her glasses more and more. Her eyes are relaxing. Things are not as blurry. She feels good.

But, she hasn't created the Routines of a daily practice yet.

Now, what do you think I suggested?

She's making progress.

She's feeling good. Feels younger and more energetic. (When you let go of chronic strain in your visual system, it frees up quite a bit of energy.)

She's doing good... 

And... she would do even better if she were consistent in her Routines and practice of proper Vision Habits.

She would probably be back to "normal" eyesight really quick.

Sometimes, when you're doing "good," it's easy to slack and loose momentum. 

But, I'll get her to daily Routines... and if all goes as planned, it'll sneak into her life almost sideways, and won't even feel like work.

She'll sort of "stumble" into her Routines, and in small bite-sized portions, so they stick.

If you don't have a daily Routine for improving eyesight and stopping the downward spiral of deteriorating vision...

Then get one.

If you don't know where to start...

I've got you covered.

Reply back and let me know you're ready for Routines that do something positive for your eyes.

Peace,Jason StuckVision Improvement Coach

Aug 22, 2018

Thumbin' from San Fran to the Ohio Valley

Sometime after the war, and before 1956, my grandfather "Pappy" as we affectionately call him, hitch hiked home across the country.

He was stationed in San Francisco and needed to make his way back to his Love... Grandma... in the Ohio Valley. I'm not sure if that part of the story is true or not, the getting back to his love, but it sounds good.

But he did hitch hike the country.... before the interstate system.

He couldn't just find a convenient on-ramp onto I-70 and call it good. 

Hitch Hikers these days are spoiled.

Pappy slung a ruck sack on his back, polished his boots, and set off on an iconic adventure.

He had to chart his course through small towns and obscure state highways. When he was lucky enough to catch a ride, it was often back to the map to reconfigure where to head next.

He couldn't call anyone from a pocket phone.

He couldn't head in a straight line to his desired destination.

He surely couldn't plug an address into a device and have it hold his hand and talk him through when to turn.

He was brave, crafty, and self-reliant.

Aside from trust, wits, and a driving vision.... there was no backup.

Navigation has gotten... easier? I'm not sure, but it has changed since the days of Pappy plotting and re-plotting a route through the back roads of the interior.

Nowadays, the route is clear. It's laid out in front of you. The path is trodden, complete with voices telling you to turn right at the next intersection.

We lose something with the sophisticated hand holding navigation devices... but I'll take it when I need one.

Whether you're a travelling Luddite, or an early adopter tech nerd, there is something to be said for knowing the way.

Knowing the way and plotting a course for getting back home.

And, whether you're using a map, a Garmin, or Gypsy Lore... it's helpful to have the knowledge and experience of others who have gone down that road and left a record of it.

Left a map, flew a satellite, or wrote out hand written directions on a sticky note.

You can set off on a journey and figure it out on your own as you go... or, you can harness the experience of others... of the map makers and satellite fliers.

Anyway, if you want to find your way back home to natural eyesight. If you want to get rid of your "machines of seeing" aka. glasses...

If natural eyesight is your equivalent of Pappy's love awaiting Ohio Valley...

Then here is the map...

There is a way. The path has been trodden.

It's not quite a GPS version that holds your hand and does it all for you...

But it's certainly the interstate system of natural eyesight improvement. It's a straight shot. Clear. Concise. Hop on the road, keep moving steadily in the direction laid out, and you'll get back home. 

Back home to natural clear eyesight...Step-by-Step Blueprint for Improving Eyesight Naturally

Peace,Jason StuckVision Improvement Coach

Share your experience and what you need for your vision improvement journey!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and helps steer the conversation in your favor!

So let me know your experience.

Also, let me know what you want to learn about or need help with so I can address it in a helpful way.


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