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Look up and away. Breathe. Blink. Then come back!

Aug 14, 2018

Go a different way.

Go a different way.

Zig when you thought you were going to zag.

Change things up a bit to pull out of the ruts holding you back. Explore your world. Engage with it. Be present to your experience and tune in to your senses.

Your eyes want to see.

Your sense of visual curiosity and wonder guide your system.

But if you're not noticing things... and you're not seeing clearly... you're holding back something that wants to happen naturally.

Here's how to jump start it. How to get back to seeing more of the world.


They're working on the road on my usual route to work.

I typically jump in the car 3 1/2 minutes behind schedule. Blindly chug the last cup of coffee and absentmindedly navigate the morning commute.

For the last week I've been admiring the girl who holds the road sign, and holds up the traffic. Not really. But she is there everyday.

I stop when she says stop.

I go slow when she says go slow.

Everyday, on the way to work... and on the way home... sitting in line with one foot on the brake and one on the gas. (I have to give the angry hornet... my work car... enough gas at a stand still so she don't go kaput.)

It took me the whole week to remember that I don't have to go that way. If I don't want to go that way... I don't have to. If I don't want to sit in traffic with the sign holding girl... I don't have to.

There is another way.

And I don't think it takes any longer either.

So... I went another way this morning. And... here's what I noticed.

I was actually paying attention to where I was going. I was tuned in to my visual world. No more sensing and perceiving autopilot.

I was looking around and following natural visual curiosity.

All because I changed the scenery.

Cruising through this "new" part of town, I happened to see a momma deer bedded down with her two spotted fawns under a giant Ponderosa pine tree.

They were perfectly camouflaged and indiscreet not a stone's throw from the road. The only reason I saw them... was because I was looking. I was looking around.

To see more of your world, tune in to your senses. To tune into your senses, change up the things that become commonplace.

Go a different way. Take a different route. Sit in a different seat. Change your perception by shifting your angle and view.

Try it. You'll notice visual curiosity return. You'll look around. Your eyes will move. And when your eyes and mind are engaged and moving... they relax. When they relax, you guessed it, you see clearly.

If what you've been doing has given you poor vision, then try something new. Go a different way. For the way back to clarity, look into the Step-by-Step Blueprint for Improving Eyesight Naturally.

Peace,Jason StuckVision Improvement Coach

Aug 06, 2018

As much light as you can afford.

They confine me to a dark tower where I do my work.

My "office" is waaay upstairs. So upstairs that the one and only window is a shorty.

It's only 19 inches tall, because if it were any taller... it would hit the pitch of the roof. It's like being in an attic.

Aside from my attic tower collecting all of the building's rising heat in the summer, and it's lack of windows, it's alright. I don't mind too much.

But the lights...

Not only is there poor natural light from my stunted window...

But the overhead lighting sucks too.

Also, the two lamps gracing my space, they only decide to work... sometimes.

In terms of creating a brightly illuminated work space... my secluded tower doesn't cut it.

When you are improving your eyesight... you don't want to work in the dark tower.

When you are improving your eyesight... you want as much light as you can afford.

Your eyes are organs of light.

Get as much light as you can.

When you have normal vision... when you are properly practicing natural Vision Habits... and your eyesight is Relaxed...

Then it doesn't really matter what the level of light is like. At least for short periods of time.

Even when it's dark, or poorly lit, when your vision is relaxed and normal... you don't strain to see. You can maintain natural vision habits in poor lighting.

However, if you have visual strain and you are working to get back to visual ease...

If you have blurry or compromised eyesight and you are working to get back to natural clarity...

Then do yourself a favor and use as much light as you can afford.

You will see clear-er. Your eyes will be more relaxed. And your entire mind/body system will be much more at ease.

So get outside. Open the blinds. Turn on the lights. Make it as bright as you can.

For more help with finding your way back to natural vision...Step-by-Step Blueprint for Improving Eyesight Naturally

Peace,Jason StuckVision Improvement Coach

Jul 29, 2018

Your homespun vision improvement training wheel kit.

I challenged a student...

Then, I challenged myself... And a fascinating new discovery came out of it.

Well, not new all the way new. But new enough to get me excited... and new enough that I don't think I've ever told you about it before.

It's a tool.

A training wheel of sorts... to guide you into using your mind and eyes in a way that produces clear eyesight.

I'm so impressed with this new tool for building proper vision habits, that I think I'm going to make them and sell them over yonder at Vision Improvement Coach.

But... we're still in prototype stages.

I want to perfect my "engineering."

However, you can make one now with limited "engineering," and with stuff you probably have laying around the house... on a half-forgotten shelf in the garage... or maybe stuffed away in the closet somewhere.

Jul 29, 2018

Homespun vision improvement training wheel kit.

You can literally take some old wire, duct tape, and a stinky old ball cap and have yourself one of the best vision improvement training wheels out there.

Don't worry... you will look silly using it.

But it's worth it. It's not as silly as going around straining your eyes into deteriorating blur everyday.

Anyway, this homespun training cap will keep you on track with proper vision habits.

Here's a little of how it works.

There is only one place within your field of vision that sees absolutely clear. Right smack dab in the center.

It is scientifically and anatomically impossible to see clear anywhere else but in the center of eyesight. To try and see clearly anywhere else creates a strain, and strain creates poor eyesight.

What's worse... not only do you have to re-train yourself to use the center of sight for clear seeing... it only works (clear eyesight that is) when it is moving. Staring is a strain, and strain creates poor eyesight.

The reason I like this new fangled tool so much, is that it gives you in the moment feedback to make sure you are using the center of sight, and that it keeps moving.

I made one.

My vision improvement student I told you about made one... well, she better have made one. That was her homework assignment for the week.

And if you want a fun, easy way to get your mind and eyes back on track for clear eyesight, you should make one too. I hate to should on you, but... maybe you should make one too.

If you want to make one, I'll send you a picture... materials list... directions and give you the quick and dirty "How to Use this New Vision Improvement Tool Guide."

It needs a name.

The design needs improvement.

Maybe your version will spark the innovation to name it and make it better. For now, it is functional... maybe not pretty, but functional.

For your own homespun vision improvement training wheel kit, just let me know you want in on the secret.

Shoot me an email... let me know you're not too scared of looking a little silly in exchange for better eyesight... and that you want the Homespun Instructions.

Peace,Jason Stuck Vision Improvement Coach

p.s. Like I said, you can get away with wire and duct tape and a few odds and ends... the stinky old ball cap is optional, but recommended for overall ambiance.

Jul 22, 2018

Your missing piece to the puzzle. Who's catching your story?

Here's your missing piece to the vision improvement puzzle...

Or to any skill you want to hone in on.

This is the other side of the "get good at something" equation that people forget about.

You have to tell your story... to someone. Anyone.

You can even tell your story to yourself if you do it the right way.

But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you can't just tell your story to anyone.


There are two parts to the equation of getting good at anything in life.

One... experience.

You have to create enough surface area with the thing you want to get good at.

If it's the guitar... you've gotta play the guitar.

If you want to be an herbalist... you probably want to study about, harvest, and prepare herbs every season.

You get the idea. You want to engage in the experience of the thing you want to learn about.

Seems simple enough, right?

You'll get good at guitar, if you play the guitar.

You'll be known as the community herbalist if you are harvesting and drying herbs every month.

But here's the side of the equation most folks forget about. After you've had the experience...

After you've created the surface area with your routines...

Once you've practiced your particular skill set... to burn it into your neuromuscular pathways...

To supercharge your learning curve and make your skill unforgettable (think unforgettable clear eyesight)...

You have to tell your story.

Tell your story to someone who will hear it. Someone who will genuinely catch and relive the experience with you.

By telling your story, you relive the experience in your mind. You reinforce your learning, and you strengthen the neural pathways for what you are learning.

How often do you tell your vision improvement story?

If you are practicing the vision improvement routines, you undoubtedly have experiences of clear eyesight... but who do you tell?

Do you hide it? Does it live in a secret corner of your experiential world? Or do you harness the power of your mind by telling the stories that have meaning for you?

Let me know.

Who catches your vision improvement stories?


Peace,Jason StuckVision Improvement Coach

Share your experience and what you need for your vision improvement journey!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and helps steer the conversation in your favor!

So let me know your experience.

Also, let me know what you want to learn about or need help with so I can address it in a helpful way.


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