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Jun 10, 2018

Going back to my vision improvement coach... for both of us.

I’m heading over the mountains next week… Back to my teacher’s house. Back to see my vision improvement coach.

Not sure what he’s going to say.

I was given the opportunity to “re-take” class. It's a redo of my coaching certification for natural vision improvement.

It’s just a twist of fate that’s getting me there… I hope. I don’t think he’s been secretly spying on Vision Improvement Coach… shaking his head in disapproval.

No, it’s one of those things that just worked out. Either way, I'm excited to retake the certification... for both you and me.

You know, you have to recert for first aid… OSHA… I’ve even had to retake my driver’s test before (I don't know how two years passed without me knowing it was expired.)

There's something to be said for a refresh class... regardless of the nature of the work or area of study.

It’s a good idea to spend time with others who are on the path you are on, and those who are farther along that same path too.

There’s a saying in the wildlife tracking world (one of my other favorite topics)… “You’re always right when you track alone.”

When you only do something in isolation, there’s nobody around to question your Batman logic and illogical conclusions.

Whether it’s a formal coach, mentor, or teacher… Or even friends, study groups, or a cantankerous brother-in-law… we both know the benefit of surrounding ourselves, and getting feedback from, others who already know and do what you want to know and do.

I know what I want to know and do.

I want to see perfectly clear… all day long… regardless of the activity and lighting. And I want to help others do the same.

So, I’m selfishly chasing my goals I guess. I’m going back to class to gain new insights and inspirations for my own eyesight. And, I’m also going to surround myself with some of the best out there who coach, guide, and mentor natural vision improvement.

We’ll both benefit from my little working vacation.

I’ll keep you posted.

And as always, if you know you’re ready for more coaching and guidance for your own natural vision improvement…

If you want help from someone who knows and does what you want to know and do…

Then let’s get you on my calendar for an introductory phone session and make sure you have a plan and a system to get rid of your glasses and start seeing the world clearly with your natural vision again.

Peace,Jason StuckVision Improvement Coach

p.s. Your intro session is free. We’ll spend 15-30 minutes together and get you oriented and moving on a system that fits into your life to improve your eyesight.

Jun 03, 2018

Do you have a mind for vision improvement?

"The eye regards images, the mind interprets and sees. When the mind is tense, the eye is tense; when the mind is relaxed, the eye is relaxed. Perfect memory of any object increases mental relaxation. Mental relaxation results in relaxation of the eyes, and both together result in better vision." - Margaret Corbett

You can improve your eyesight by forgetting about your eyes.

There is nothing for the eyes to do really.

Trying "to do" only brings effort and strain to an activity (clear natural vision) that is meant to be effortless.

The strain of the eyes in poor eyesight has its roots in the strain of the mind. Mental strain.

Like happiness, clear vision is one of those inside job type of things.

It's not so much about your eyes, or what happens "out there" in the world of visual objects, but has more to do with your mind.

How do you relax your mind?

How do you relax the part of your mind responsible for clear eyesight?

How do you think about, and mentally interpret, shapes, colors, edges, movement, and details?

How often do you let yourself remember clear eyesight... clear objects... in your mind?

"Perfect memory of any object increases mental relaxation."

Pick something you love. Something you have a positive association with. Pick something that makes you smile. Like your banjo. Well, that's mine anyway.

When I close my eyes and rest them, I can picture my banjo. I see it in my mind's eye... perfectly. It's not limited to "picture" either. I can feel it's heft and how it sits in my lap. I can smell the nickel plated strings. And of course, I hear the music. It might be a little out of tune and a little off time... but I can hear it perfectly.

I can remember my banjo perfectly.

It is impossible to remember something pleasant... and fret and worry - mentally strain - at the same time.

What do you like to remember for clear eyesight?

Peace,Jason StuckVision Improvement Coach

p.s. And don't forget to reply and set up a time to get on the phone and schedule your free vision improvement coaching session. We'll take 15-30 minutes together to make sure you have a plan, and a system, for reaching your vision improvement goals. Reply and let me know you're interested in your free session... and we'll make it happen.

May 27, 2018

Techniques for improving eyesight are way easier than weekend lawn care.

Do you remember those dandelions I was singing about last week... you know, pick a flower, circle it... clear eyesight.

Yeah, well... this week I'm cursing them.

I got rid of my gas guzzling, oil smoking', never likes to start lawn mower.

My friendly neighbor said I can borrow his any ol' time.

It's a reel mower.

Like one I picture from a Sunday comic strip when I was a kid.

There's no motor. No gas. No oil. No smoking air filter and 30 pull starts.

My romantic luddite self was pleased with the promise of the reel mower.

I didn't see that type of mower in action when I was a kid. I'm sure we would have made fun of anyone cutting grass with it.

"That's not a real lawn mower."

Anyway, those dandelions have since flowered and have long spindly stems.

The reel mower turned out to be a real dud against the dandelions.

It cut the grass great. But those darn dandelions... nothing. They just bent down under the blades... and then popped back up. My yard looked like my son's hair when I give him a buzz cut. You go over the same spot time and again, and long stragglers still shoot up everywhere.

I felt like a fool out there in the yard, pushing, cussing, knowing what the neighbors were thinking but too polite to say.

I was about to give up when I stumbled upon the technique. There is a technique.

There is a reel lawn mower dandelion slaughter technique. It takes a little patience. It takes a little elbow grease, and it definitely takes not caring what you look like to the neighbors... but there is a way.

The dandelions are 3/4 of the way mowed down... I haven't quite mastered the technique.

Of course, just like the reel lawn mower... there is a technique for improving your eyesight. It takes a little patience, sometimes a little a creativity... but it does not take elbow grease.

Thankfully, it's easy. It works with ease and relaxation... not effort, struggle, and concentration.

What are the techniques of ease for improving eyesight?

They're all right here at VisionImprovementCoach.com

Look them over. Put them to use. And then be in touch.

Peace,Jason StuckVision Improvement Coach

May 20, 2018

For the love of the dandelion.

I love dandelions.

Much to the dismay of neighbors and HOA... my yard lights up dotted with the magical flower.

Highly medicinal... tasty edible... the best roasted root tea the land has to offer... and a perfect excuse for vision improvement practice.

I walked outside to greet the day this morning and was stopped in my tracks. Overnight the bright yellow tops turned to white fluffballs.

I paused long enough on the rush to the car to listen to morning sounds, sun my eyes in the perfect angle of sunlight at 8:00am, and took my time outlining and tracing one fluff ball at a time.

I was seeing clear to begin with, but a few moments of peaceful morning dandelion tracing... and the vivid sharpness was astounding.

You are not limited to 20/20. You can relax and re-learn to see clarity beyond 20/20.

And, when you know how to integrate vision improvement practice and routines into your everyday, you don't have to worry about having enough time for vision improvement.

Empowerment and freedom from glasses fuel your vision improvement journey when you know how to practice on everyday objects and when to fit in everyday routines.

Here's your homework... or home play. It's not work, it's more like a recess.

So, the bell just rang. Head outside. Find a safe place to be without your lenses.

Rest your closed eyes in the sun while gently moving your head back and forth. Listen to the sounds of crickets, birdsong, and wind shaken leaves.

When you've let go of the rush and anxiety of your day, open your eyes and blink frequently and easily.

Find a flower. Any flower. Dandelion, Cherry Blossom, Lilac... find a flower and trace the edges. Outline the shape. Notice the color and texture. Pretend you are drawing a slow easy circle around it.

Breathe. Blink. And trace circles around the shapes of your yard... or playground.

When you have visually explored your chosen flower... move on to the next one. And the next one... and then on to the next object as you go about your day.

Breathe. Blink. And trace circles around everything today. Do this and clear-er eyesight is on it's way.

Peace,Jason StuckVision Improvement Coach

p.s. For more help with integrating vision improvement into your daily life... Step-by-Step Blueprint for Improving Eyesight Naturally

p.s.s. Homemade dandelion wine. Enough said.

Apr 28, 2018

Keeping clear vision when life has you on the run.

Sipping our morning coffee:

My wife, all sweet and stuff... "How are you doing honey?"

Me, "I'm like a duck. On the surface, calm, cool, and collected. Happy little duck face just cruising the pond. But... underneath the surface, paddling like mad. Trying to keep my head above water."

I have 4 to-do lists, 5 if you count mine.

Work list... wife list... kid's list... house list...

Reality check. You, me... our lists will never get finished. We will never complete everything begging for our attention. There is always the next thing. Paddle as fast as you can, but the list will always grow ominous.

I like Greg Brown's, singer songwriter, solution...

"Love calls like the wild birds It's another day. A spring wind blew my list Of things to do away."

When you have too many irons in the fire, it's easy to get overwhelmed and stressed. It's easy to lose focus and effectiveness on the one task at hand.

When you try to do too many things at once... when you try to hold too many things in your noodle... stress, strain, and a diffused focus keep you from getting anything done. Or getting things done well.

Your eyesight is a microcosm of this life condition.

When you try to see too large of an area all at once... when you try to gobble up all of the world with your eyes equally clear at the same time... too many visual irons in the fire...

You lose focus from stress and strain. You lose visual effectiveness. You lose clarity.

Tick off the list one thing at a time.

See the world with clear central vision, one little piece at a time.

And just like that little duck's feet, you've got to keep moving. Move through the list... until it's blown away.

And always keep your one little spot of central clear vision moving... make that a new visual habit, and you'll be blown away at the clarity and ease of your effective eyesight.

So, off I go to tick off my weekend list... one thing at a time.

Peace,Jason A. Stuck Vision Improvement Coach

p.s. Somehow I still find time to strum the guitar in the midst of all those lists.

p.s.s. For help with the habit of central clear vision... and to have it stick, even in your over listed life... look into the Step-by-Step Blueprint for Improving Eyesight Naturally.

Share your experience and what you need for your vision improvement journey!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and helps steer the conversation in your favor!

So let me know your experience.

Also, let me know what you want to learn about or need help with so I can address it in a helpful way.


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