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Look up and away. Breathe. Blink. Then come back!

Mar 31, 2019

[Time Episode] Part 4. How do you make the time for vision improvement?

Kill time.

Make time.

Waste time.

Borrow time. Track time. Find time. Have time. All the time in the world.

I don't have any time.

Or as Thoreau said in Walden, "Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in. I drink at it; but while I drink I see the sandy bottom and detect how shallow it is. Its thin current slides away, but eternity remains."

I like that.

But I doubt you're living on Walden Pond right now. I know I'm not.

Whatever your relationship is like with time, the question remains...

How do you find the time for vision improvement?

You won't find your way back to clarity unless you take the time to bring relaxation back to your visual system and relearn proper vision habits.

It just doesn't happen by reading about it... not usually anyway.

You have to implement.

You have to build the routines and habits into your life in a way that sticks.

Sometimes, time seems to hold you back. Like when you don't have time to practice.

When you don't have time to fit one more thing into your already full and busy schedule.

If that's you, then what I'm going to share with you might be helpful.

There are ways of fitting vision improvement "in" regardless of how busy you are.

There are ways of incorporating good vision habits into your everyday life, regardless of the activity.

You have just as much time to use your eyes with strain as you do to use them with relaxation.

There are Routines of vision improvement that you set time aside to practice.

Palming, Sunning, Swinging... you want to set time aside to practice those. And there are ways to do it so they become rituals you effortlessly perform and look forward to.

But, there are also Habits of vision improvement, Moving, Breathing, Centralizing... that you don't need to set time aside for.

You can practice while you're doing the dishes, working at your computer, or even a-fishing in a stream.

I know I want to practice and improve my eyesight by a-fishing in a stream.

Anyway, the point is... you can find the time for the Routines. I can help you find the time and build them into your life in a way that sticks.

And... when you know how to incorporate the Habits of good vision... time doesn't matter.

You either use good habits that bring clear eyesight, or bad one's that bring strain and blur.

That's all for now.

Let it all sink in and distill. Take the time to internalize... You have just as much time to use your eyes with strain as you do to use them with relaxation.


Jason "Goin' A-Fishing" Stuck

Vision Improvement Coach

P.S. If you want help finding the time to practice vision improvement... and learning how to improve your eyesight anytime, doing anything...

Then hit reply and let me know. I'll help you get there.

Mar 31, 2019

[Time Episode] Part 3. The next trick. Time benders and keeping eyesight relaxed

It will take you approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds to read this email the first time through. It might be the same the second time too, we'll see.

But first, a little experiment. Our time bending experiment.

We're going to speed time up a bit. Or slow it down. Let's just see what happens.


Take one deep breath and hold it in.


Deep breath. Hold it. And keep reading. Don't worry, I'll tell you when to let go.

There is one sure fire way to create tension. And tight muscles. And poor eyesight and mental strain.

Did you know...

Your retina consumes more oxygen by weight than any other part of the human body? Your eyes need you to breathe.

Notice as you read and hold your breath, (you are holding your breath?) your mind and body fill with tension.

1 minute and 30 seconds seems like a long time when you're holding your breath.

Have you noticed that when you're angry, you hold your breath?

Or when you're trying really hard to do something, you hold your breath?

What's more, when you're harried and knocked of Center, your breathing is chronically shallow.

When you hold your breath, life seems tense, hard, and time speeds up. Or does it slow down? Either way, it gets tense.

In contrast, when you breathe and Let Go... Go ahead, let go. Breathe again. Feels better, right?

When you breathe fully and naturally, you feel more at ease. Less tense. Less strain.

Natural eyesight improvement is about releasing the strain and tension in your visual system.

Breathing... full, natural belly breathing... is a key Habit of proper eyesight.

It turns out that practicing natural vision by breathing and staying Centered with "Centralization" has positive benefits beyond just seeing clearly.

It ultimately leads to living a more natural, balanced, relaxed lifestyle.


Jason "Belly Breathing" Stuck

p.s. This is all well and good. Practicing good vision habits like Centralizing and Breathing... Living a natural, centered, relaxed lifestyle... and Seeing Clear.

But regardless of feeling relaxed and centered, and despite cultivating the rooted time perception of the Aspen tree from Part 1 of this little series, you know all too well... Life is busy.

So, how do you make time... Can you make time? How do you make time for vision improvement?

It might be one of the biggest roadblocks on the journey back home to natural clear eyesight.

How do you make the time?

I won't leave you hangin'. Keep an eye on your inbox. One more time for the Time Episode.

Mar 17, 2019

[Time Episode] Part 2. Staying centered in the time spinning whirlwind

Remember how we were talking about trying to see too much at once?

It turns out that diffusion... trying to see too much equally clear at once... is unnatural. Really unnatural. And creates tension and strain when you try to do it.

It's not how our visual system is designed to work.

You have a large field of vision, for sure. There's a big picture to see out there. (It's not really out there. It's actually in your mind, but that's for another episode.) There is a big picture, it's just that most of it is unclear.

There's only one tiny spot... in the middle... In the Center...

Where you see with absolute distinct clarity.

It's where the picture is sharp, clear, and full of color.

The farther you move from the Center spot of clarity, the less distinct the picture becomes.

It has to do with the way our eyes are designed. The typed of cells in our eyes that allow us to see.

You might have learned about rods and cones before.

Basically, rods detect movement and work great in low levels of light.

The cones detect clarity, sharp edges, and color.

The cones are packed in the center.

The rods are in your periphery.

To see clear... use the Center!

Use your cones.

Stay centered and you won't waste frantic energy. Life might not seem like so much of a whirlwind. Maybe time will even start to slow down for you again. I don't know. Try it and see.

In the last email I said I had some tricks for keeping eyesight and life centered.

Of course, "Centralizing," using the Center of sight, is one of them.

Here's a helpful saying to remember, "Diffusion is Confusion." So, instead of trying to see too much at once, place your primary visual interest in the Center.

That one's worth repeating.

Place your primary visual attention and interest in the Center.

Now, the next trick... has to wait for the next email. I don't want to try and cover too much at once.

But, just know, the next trick is a bit of a time bender. It makes time malleable. You can speed it up. You can slow it down. And it also holds the key to balancing tension and relaxation in your visual system.

Until then...


Jason "Time Bending" Stuck

Vision Improvement Coach

p.s. In [Time Episode] Part 1, there was a beautiful typo... "The mental strain of trying to see too much at once - equally clear - can make a man go blink." It was supposed to say blind. But... it's also a good reminder to blink. Blinking, another habit of natural eyesight, is something else we'll talk about soon.

Mar 10, 2019

[Time Episode] Part 1. Did time speed up?

Did the universe just jump into warp speed?

Everyone seems to be busy chasing their tails.

There’s too much to do. Not enough time. People are tired and frantic at the same time.

Everyone I run into says it’s happening everywhere… time is speeding up.

Are things speeding up?

I asked the Aspen tree in my frozen front yard.

She said, “No.”

I don’t know. Time is a pretty weird thing. If it even exists at all.

But, it sure feels fast these days. Life is busy. It feels like trying to do too much at once.

Too Much At Once

It reminds me of the feeling you get when you try to see too much at once.

The mental strain of trying to see too much at once - equally clear - can make a man go blind. Or a woman.

It can sap your energy.

Leave you “out of focus.” Diffused and tired.

Off center and out of balance.

I have a little trick for keeping eyesight… and life… centered.

A couple of tricks actually.

I don’t know if it slows down time, but it feels better than harried and wasting unfocused energy.

To Be Continued…


Jason “Talks to Trees and Questions the Existence of Time” Stuck

Vision Improvement Coach

Feb 17, 2019

The "Mark It Off" Technique Of Improving Eyesight. (Part 3 Of 4)

A perfectionist hides things until they are... perfect.

It's a quality shared by most myopes, or near-sighted folks.

They try soooo hard to be perfect, and to see perfect.

When I'm full-dialed into my myopic perfectionist tendencies, I don't share my process of a project with anyone. I wait til something is finished and perfect. Of course, it's never perfect enough.

But, when I committed to Wim Hoff's 20-day cold shower challenge, my myopic perfectionism was replaced by an easy going sense of having fun.

You don't have to hide having fun.

So, I posted the challenge on the refrigerator.

I didn't make it an overly big deal, although cold showers are a big deal, but I did make it known.

My family saw me marking off the checklist everyday.

I'd mention it, sort of in passing, and soon everyone seemed pulled in and waiting to see if I would do my cold shower that day.

Before long, they were celebrating along with me every time I would check off another day on the challenge.

My crew had just as much anticipation for it as me.

There was no way I couldn't follow through.

There's a certain magic of having a concrete way of measuring progress, and an equal benefit when you have a supportive environment of people around you.

So I pose the question to you.

Do you hold your vision improvement routines as fun?

A fun challenge?

And do you have a system for marking off your progress every day, or every week?

Do you have support that's cheering you on as you go?

Trying too hard to improve your eyesight is a self-defeating strategy.

Loosen up. Have fun. Challenge yourself. Keep track everyday. And surround yourself with supportive folks.

Peace,Jason "imperfect but having fun" StuckVision Improvement Coach

p.s. If you don't have a system for measuring progress, and you want one, reply and let me know.

p.s.s. I didn't really mean to. It wasn't my intention, but now everyone in the house is jumping into cold showers... and timing it!

Keep an eye out for part 4, it wraps these last three emails together and shows you how to apply them to your vision improvement journey.

Share your experience and what you need for your vision improvement journey!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and helps steer the conversation in your favor!

So let me know your experience.

Also, let me know what you want to learn about or need help with so I can address it in a helpful way.


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