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Feb 17, 2019

The "Mark It Off" Technique Of Improving Eyesight. (Part 3 Of 4)

A perfectionist hides things until they are... perfect.

It's a quality shared by most myopes, or near-sighted folks.

They try soooo hard to be perfect, and to see perfect.

When I'm full-dialed into my myopic perfectionist tendencies, I don't share my process of a project with anyone. I wait til something is finished and perfect. Of course, it's never perfect enough.

But, when I committed to Wim Hoff's 20-day cold shower challenge, my myopic perfectionism was replaced by an easy going sense of having fun.

You don't have to hide having fun.

So, I posted the challenge on the refrigerator.

I didn't make it an overly big deal, although cold showers are a big deal, but I did make it known.

My family saw me marking off the checklist everyday.

I'd mention it, sort of in passing, and soon everyone seemed pulled in and waiting to see if I would do my cold shower that day.

Before long, they were celebrating along with me every time I would check off another day on the challenge.

My crew had just as much anticipation for it as me.

There was no way I couldn't follow through.

There's a certain magic of having a concrete way of measuring progress, and an equal benefit when you have a supportive environment of people around you.

So I pose the question to you.

Do you hold your vision improvement routines as fun?

A fun challenge?

And do you have a system for marking off your progress every day, or every week?

Do you have support that's cheering you on as you go?

Trying too hard to improve your eyesight is a self-defeating strategy.

Loosen up. Have fun. Challenge yourself. Keep track everyday. And surround yourself with supportive folks.

Peace,Jason "imperfect but having fun" StuckVision Improvement Coach

p.s. If you don't have a system for measuring progress, and you want one, reply and let me know.

p.s.s. I didn't really mean to. It wasn't my intention, but now everyone in the house is jumping into cold showers... and timing it!

Keep an eye out for part 4, it wraps these last three emails together and shows you how to apply them to your vision improvement journey.

Feb 06, 2019

Cold Showers. Better Eyesight. 21 Days. (Part 2 of 4)

Like I said in part 1, Wim Hoff's head hangs on my refrigerator.

His picture looks like Jack Nicholson quoting Johnny Carson in The Shining... "Here's Johnny."

The only difference being, Wim's head is peering through a hole in the ice rather than a hole in a door.

Magnets hold the paper in place on the refrigerator. There are circles to mark off 20 days laid out in 4 neat rows representing 4 weeks.

The first week, only 15 seconds in the cold. After you shower your typical cozy, sudsy, warm shower, it's into the cold.

Off with the hot and into the cold...

But for only 15 seconds.

15 seconds is doable.

What's more, by the end of the week, you've just about gotten used to it. You almost feel ready for week 2 when your time goes up to 30 seconds.

Week 3, 45 seconds.

And by the time the challenge is through, after 4 weeks of cold showers, you're up to a whole minute of cold shower refreshment.

Again, you do not have to be weird like me and take cold showers to improve eyesight.

But you do have to be weird like you and practice vision improvement routines and habits.

And this 20 day cold shower experiment unpacks some powerful lessons for you.

First, you can ease into it.

You don't have to dedicate 2 1/2 hours everyday out of the gate. You can, that's fine. But you don't have to.

In fact, you might build better habits if you start small and stay consistent. Start so small you can't fail. What's your vision improvement equivalent of only 15 seconds in the cold?

1 minute of palming?2 minutes of swinging?Or maybe 1 minute of getting outside, in the fresh air, and sunning - proper sunning - your eyes?

Start so small you can't fail. Stay consistent. And as you build your routines and better vision habits, you slowly increase the time.

Before you know it, you'll be at your vision improvement equivalent of one minute cold showers. And snow baths. And half-naked winter marathons?

Peace,Jason "Start Small" StuckVision Improvement Coach

p.s. I meant to tell you about the 21 days and how to stay consistent. But I didn't. Not yet anyway. I get in here, get to talking and fill up the page.

But how to stay consistent coming soon...

p.s.s. If you didn't see part 1, I've nested it below. It'll explain the half-naked marathon thing.

Jan 26, 2019

What I learned about improving eyesight from 21 days of cold showers.

Wim Hoff is a force to be reckoned with.

I recently fell down the rabbit hole of the Wim Hoff Method.

He's known as the "Ice Man" and his head is hanging on my refrigerator... I'll explain. I promise.

Wim has climbed Mt. Everest... in shorts and sandals.

He's run barefoot marathons... in the arctic.

He holds world records for swimming underwater. Under the ice. From one hole to the next. Now that's scary.

His feats of human achievement are spell bounding.

And he's a man on a mission.

He discovered that his system for conditioning his mind and body for extremes...

Also rebalances one's internal chemistry. It leads to happier healthy people.

His system isn't really about getting you ready for a half-naked ascent of mountain peaks. But it is about getting your mind and body into the peak state nature intended.

And it does include exposure to cold... hence the 21 days of cold showers.

And not surprisingly... it also includes Breathing... Relaxation... and the Power of the Mind.

There are some interesting things about exposure to cold I'll explain at another time.

But isn't it interesting? You can take Breathing... Relaxation... and the Power of the Mind... and you're talking about key concepts of vision improvement.

Of course, vision improvement is a process of bringing relaxation to the visual system.

In the Step-by-Step Blueprint for Improving Eyesight Naturally... And in my one-on-one coaching... relaxation of the visual system forms the foundation of eyesight improvement.

Proper natural breathing - not shallow holding your breath breathing - is a Natural Vision Habit for better eyesight.

And of course - the power of the mind - the majority of what you see is mental. Eyesight happens mostly in the mind.

The correlations have been fun to uncover.

But that's not really the thing I'm most excited to share with you about it.

It doesn't cover the importance of the 21 days.

It doesn't explain Wim Hoff's head on my refrigerator. Or tell you why my son times my cold showers with a stop watch.

But this email is already long.

So, I'll get back to you about those things. And you'll see how you can use this experiment of mine to super charge your vision improvement routines. And it doesn't mean you have to be as weird as me and take cold showers. Or start you car in the morning... when it's zero degrees... in only your pajama bottoms.

You can still use this technique. You'll see what I mean next time.

Until then...

Peace,Jason "Off to a Cold Shower" StuckVision Improvement Coach

p.s. There are some golden nuggets of vision improvement hidden above in this email. Go back. Re-read and look for them. Reply and let me know what you think they are.

Jan 19, 2019

A personal question for you... Something I just gotta know.


Why do you do it?

Why do you go the route of natural eyesight? Glasses are easy. Lasik... I guess they're dialing in the procedure.

I've had three experiences recently that prompt me to really want to know why. Why you go the natural route.

I know why I do it. I'll tell you more about my "why" in a moment.

But I want to hear from you...

Recently, a good friend had Lasik done. He was really excited about it. Not needing his glasses was big for him. I'd never heard him complain about them before. But obviously he didn't like them. He secretly hated them. It nagged at him for years that he had to wear glasses.

I had no idea.

Why did they bother him so much? Why did he choose Lasik? I never asked him those questions.

Add on another one...

A different friend asked about what I do. I did my best to explain natural vision improvement.

She asked... why?

"Why would you do that?"

Really, I thought to myself.

Interestingly, moments later she started complaining. About her contacts. Searched for her eye drops and dripped a couple streams into her eyes. Then, wiping her cheeks, started playing with the distance of the paper she was trying to read.

Really, I thought to myself.


The third occurrence... It's actually a mix of many from recent weeks.

I've had more and more people reaching out to find me. Searching for help with natural vision improvement. Where do they all come from? How do they find me? I'm not sure.

But I know how to help them.

I know how to do what I do... help people improve eyesight naturally.

Or do I?

I bet a buck gets ten that if I know your why... I could do my job better.

Not everyone has the same reason why they want to improve their eyesight.

So, if you would. Answer this short personal question. It'll help me. And maybe I'll be better able to help you.

Why? Why do you choose natural vision improvement over all the other options?

Hit reply and let me know. Thanks.

Peace,Jason "Wondering Why?" StuckVision Improvement Coach

p.s. Like I said, I know my why. But I'm trying to practice my "conversation skills" here. I'll restrain my blabbering and give you a minute to talk.

But if you really want to know why I choose natural vision, let me know in your reply. I'll spill my beans.

Jan 13, 2019

A "light" trick for your computer eyes.

You probably already know this...

I didn't.

A gardening friend let me in on the secret while we were filming a video project together. Editing video takes a lot of screen time and this trick keeps my eyes more relaxed while locked on to the screen.

First, I know you spend time in front of screens because... here you are.

And, most folks have a notion that screen time is bad for their eyes.

I have an entire class about how to use your computer or phone... and even binge watch Netflix if that's your thing... basically how to use screen time to improve your eyesight.

I'm not saying screen time is inherently good for your eyes... or your mind and imagination.

In fact, after you read this and do what I tell you in the p.s. down below... 

Get away from your screen for a spell. Get outside. In the sun and natural light. Where nature will move and guide your vision.

However, you can use your computer, and screen time, to improve your eyesight.

Trouble is... most people use their computers the wrong way... Or they use their eyes and mind the wrong way when staring at a screen.

I can't cover the whole topic here...

But back to the light trick from my gardener friend. 

Find the display setting for your computer. There should be a "night mode." Turn it on. 

You should be able to adjust the "warmth" of the light. A darker deeper orange-red on one end - and a lighter brighter blue on the other.

Experiment with the different qualities of light. Find the sweet spot that is most pleasing to your eyes. Wherever it is... it should have a less jarring glare and harsh contrast than the normal display mode. 

If you find yourself under visual strain while using your computer, try adjusting the light.


Peace,Jason "The Light Adjustor" StuckVision Improvement Coach

p.s. Try the night mode. Hit reply and tell me where you found your sweet spot. What end of the color and temperature spectrum. Let me know now and...

p.s.s. And then go outside!

Share your experience and what you need for your vision improvement journey!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and helps steer the conversation in your favor!

So let me know your experience.

Also, let me know what you want to learn about or need help with so I can address it in a helpful way.


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