Central Fixation Exercise Keeps Your Natural Eyesight Sharp... Add Day Long

This central fixation exercise will allow you to tap into the illusion of seeing "one thing best."

You should know by now, what I mean by "exercise." Not an exercise like a pushup, sit up, or whatever other fancy body workout exercise that's trending today.

Eye exercises are not about whipping lazy weak eyes into shape. Your eyes are not weak. They're really strong. They're tense, tight, and constricted. Your eyes are strained. They want relaxation for clear eyesight... not a workout routine.

Look up and away. Breathe. Blink. Then come back!

Now, with that said...

The way you use your eyesight, all day long, during any activity can be done with strain... or with relaxation.

There are ways of using your mind and eyes properly for clear eyesight.

Intentionally practicing the habits of good eyesight, until they become habits, is the form of "exercise" you're after. Practice to cultivate the skills of good eyesight.

Here's the working definition of exercise for what you're about to do: to train by use; practice; to undergo training.

The Circle of Central Fixation

Follow your gaze, the center of your sight, along the edges of the central fixation circle.

Then, follow your gaze across the diagonal lines from one side of the circle to the next. Make sure you are breathing easy and full.  Also, remember to blink normally and naturally... those soft butterfly blinks.

Allow your gaze to move along the edges and lines of the circle. And... knowing that at any one moment... all that you see with absolute clarity is one small spot of the line.

Allow your gaze to follow along the lines.

Point your nose directly at the part of the line you want to see. As you sweep your nose across the circle, you'll soon recognize the illusion of the circle moving back and forth... opposite the direction your eyes and nose point and move.

There's also the illusion that straight out in the very center of your eyesight is one clear distinct spot.

It's like one clear distinct period on the line. It's a darker and more distinct spot than the rest of the line, right out there in the center of your vision. 

And it stays there, right in the center.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world, the whole picture... the circle and the lines... takes on the illusion of moving into the clear central spot. As the central spot moves to the left, the whole circle moves to the right.

Central Fixation Exercise Also Cultivates Movement

And once you recognize these illusions...

  • The illusion of there being one small spot that is more distinct and more clear in the center.
  • And the illusion of everything else moving contrary to its movement, moving in the opposite direction to your central vision's movement...

It's a pleasant and pleasing sensation.

It's a relaxing sensation as you tune in to the illusions good eyesight.

Print the Circle. Practice Throughout the Day. Carry Relaxation All Day Long.

To get the most out of this simple central fixation exercise...

Print out the Central Fixation Circle. Keep it with your journal, notebook, or laminate it and put it in your wallet. Keep it somewhere you can pull it out and practice with at random times throughout the day. A few minutes of sweeping your gaze across the lines of the circle...

Remembering the illusions of good eyesight...

Brings relaxation and further strengthens your good vision habits.

Practicing this central fixation exercise brings rest to the visual system, and practicing with the circle... even for a few moments... can re-calibrate your mind and eyes.

Remember the illusions of central fixation and oppositional movement. When you carry the illusions of good eyesight in your memory and imagination, throughout your day, then it's much easier to maintain relaxation...

And it's easier to keep relaxed clear eyesight as you go about your daily activities.