Counting toes for clear eyesight

I found myself overheated and naked on the side of the hot tub.

I think I should explain myself.

I live next to the world's greatest natural hot spring here in Pagosa Springs CO. Yes, I'm accurately biased. 

I snuck out of work 20 minutes early to have a "soak" at the end of the day.There's a clothing optional, indoor hot pool, that runs anywhere from 108 - 112 degrees.

It's hot. And when I got there, it was empty. It only took about 7 minutes and I was cooked.

I pulled myself onto the edge to cool off and brood over one of my favorite topics... How to help create the opportunity, and keep people inspired, to experience the world through their natural vision.

I'm serious - that's what I think about... especially at times like those.

However, while deep in contemplation, the door opened, and a gang of people flooded in.

All at once, I was surrounded by guys, carrying on loud conversations, and interrupting my reverie.

And they were all wearing swim trunks. Every single one of them.

I was the only trunkless body in the clothing optional room. Sitting on the side of the tub. Feeling a bit awkward.

In that uncomfortable moment, I distracted myself with a wonderful vision improvement... dare I call it... exercise.

If you ever find yourself in this particular situation... no clothes, the hot tub, surrounded by swimsuits... do what I did.

I averted my eyes from the searching glances of the crowd, and I looked at my toes. 

One at a time.

Noticing one toe clearer than all the rest... then moved on to the next toe.

And if you get that down, move on to your toenail.

Practicing central fixation and movement, even in the awkward chance that you're the only naked body in a crowded room, keeps your eyes focused, moving and clear.

If you want to find more seemingly random, yet effective methods to improve your eyesight... during almost any type of activity... check out the blueprint below.


Your Vision Improvement Coach

Look up and away. Breathe. Blink. Then come back!