Harness the Power of Your Memory to Improve Eyesight

Perfect Memory = Perfect Eyesight

You can use your memory to improve eyesight.

When memory is perfect... it reflects a mind at rest and free from mental strain.

We also know from the Bates Method that mental strain always accompanies poor eyesight. When you are able to remember something perfect, without strain, you are also able to look at something without strain. 

Looking without strain produces clear vision.

A mind at rest possess perfect eyesight, and it also possesses perfect memory.

Anything that rests the mind and improves your ability to recall a sensory experience... also improves your vision!

"When the sight is perfect, the memory is also perfect, because the mind is perfectly relaxed.  Therefore the sight may be improved by any method that improves the memory."  Dr. Bates

Look up and away. Breathe. Blink. Then come back!

The Bates Method Says: Let Go and Allow

Improve Your Memory to Improve Eyesight

Both your eyesight and your memory work the best when they are effortless. When you allow them to happen.  The idea here is that there is something you have to let go of in order to allow.

Memories are just there waiting.  They don’t have to be sought after with strain.

Likewise, the letters on the eye chart are there waiting distinct and black, they don’t need to be sought after with your eyes.

You don’t have to grab and grasp and reach for either, you just have to allow them to come to you.

Allow your memories to come to you.

And allow your eyesight to come to you, regardless of the distance.

Remember the Eye Chart

Since eyesight is predominantly a mental function, you can intentionally use your mental ability of remembering clearly to help regain clear eyesight. Again, this is how you use memory to improve eyesight.

A practical application of this is to place an eye chart where it is slightly blurry, either up close or in the distance, depending on where is blurry for you.

Look at a letter on the eye chart for a brief moment and then close your eyes.

With your eyes closed, remember the letter as black and clear and distinct as you can.

Once the image is clear and distinct in your mind, open your eyes.

If you are able to perfectly remember the letter, then you will see that letter clearly when you open your eyes.

It is impossible to see the letter blurry and remember it perfectly at the same time.

"When the mind is able to remember perfectly any phenomenon of the senses, it is always perfectly relaxed." Dr. Bates

A Black Period       .

The Bates Method tells us that a perfect memory of anything will create perfect eyesight while the remembrance of it is perfect.

For example, if I were doing the above example with an eye chart, I could choose to remember a black period instead of the letter I was looking at.

Provided that I remember that black period perfectly, which would mean that it is perfectly black, perfectly distinct, and moving or swinging back and forth, when I open my eyes I will see the letter I look at perfectly clear, perfectly black and distinct, and also swinging.

And it doesn’t even have to be a visual memory, you can use any sensory experience as long as it is perfect.

In other words, if you are able to perfectly remember the sound of say, a ticking clock, you will be able to see whatever you are looking at perfectly clear.

Experiment with other sense modalities.  Remember a favorite smell, or the feeling of silk, or the taste of your favorite beverage.  Secure a restful mind with pleasant memories.

It is impossible to strain to see while maintaining a perfect memory! 

A Mind at Rest

So, in order to remember something clearly, we have to let go of any mental strain.

And to see clearly, we have to let go of any mental strain.

By remembering something perfectly we are able to secure a relaxed mind that is essential for clear vision. This is how you harness the power of your memory to improve eyesight... let go of mental strain for perfect memory... and a perfect memory equals perfect eyesight.

And to our further benefit, when we once again posses central fixation, and are able to see clearly, our memory is also greatly improved!

"When I cannot remember the name of a patient, I remember a period-and behold, I have it!"  Dr. Bates

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